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  • Zhenhai NO.2 Zhenhai NO.2
  • Chunxiao Platform Chunxiao Platform

    Chunxiao oil field is large scale oil and gas field which was developed in the west lake sunken of China east sea continental shelf basin, 500Km to the south-east of Shanghai, 350 Km to Ningbo, and its location was named “ west lake sunken of east sea” by the experts. So far it is the largest ocean oil and gas field ...

  • Offshore oil platform 981 Offshore oil platform 981

    Offshore oil platform 981 is deep water semi-submersible drilling platform which was started to build at April 28th 2008, was the first one and the six grade which designed and built by China. This platform was totally invested by CNOOC, was integrated the global top ranking design philosophy and equipment. 981 adopted...

  • Lishui 36-1 Lishui 36-1
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